Fiscal hub

Centre for Fiscal Affairs is an independent think tank that seeks to promote and advocate greater fiscal transparency, accountability and participatory governance for the realization of a just, fair and strong society.

Since its establishment, CFA has continued to position itself as a think tank working in collaboration with other like-minded non-state actors, state actors and development partners to promote and strengthen fiscal transparency, accountability and prudent utilization of public resources.

As an organization, we seek to empower citizens to ensure that fiscal systems and processes are more progressive and in particular ensure that government policies on tax and spending benefit the largest proportion of the population, especially the marginalized, and not the few.

In discharging its operations, CFA is guided and oversight by a board of five (5) Non-Executive Directors.


A think tank that uses policy research and advocacy to promote just, fair and strong societies.

Our mission

To promote a people-centred governance system that is transparent and accountable in the mobilization and utilization of public resources

Our values





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